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Chiropractic (deriv.)
Chiropractic manipulation for horses, ponies, dogs, cats and other animals

Overview - Back problem
The wear and tear of life for sporting animals takes its toll.
Regular attention to their backs is essential, for optimum welfare and for best performance. Back pain is an ever-present risk and can go unnoticed. However, it is not only sporting animals who need attention for back problems. Most patients, whether horse, pony, dog, cat or other species, seen at the AVMC or on our visit rounds require some attention to their spine, pelvis, face, head, shoulders, wither, neck or tail, whether minor or major. Most have a bad back, to a varying degree from the almost imperceptible to the downright compromising and painful. This may be due to slipping and sliding while romping or may be due to repetitive unsymmetrical activity (e.g. from descending from a car, coming down stairs, slippery floor surfaces, rugs slipping, slipping on ice, turning a regular corner in a rush, regular sporting movements etc). Of course, it may be due to a fall, accident or injury, during exertion, jumping or sporting activity. The result is often a variable degree of back pain, which may or may not be obvious to the owner.

Back treatment therefore forms a large proportion of our work.

There is no question, judging from their reaction, that patients benefit greatly from their chiropractic treatment. Horses tend to relax very deeply; dogs can become quite active and cheerful, whereas cats are ... cats. Commonly they relax and enjoy the rest of the examination, willingly submitting themselves to the process. Usually each patient makes the immediate improvement obvious, in his or her own way. Relief from a painful back is clearly much appreciated by most and provides great enhancement of well-being.

After successful chiropractic treatment of a patient that may have had problems for a while, it becomes noticeable that the patient starts to take up old activities that had faded from the repertoire. This is a sure sign that welfare and sense of well-being have improved. Clients will often remark that the horse or dog 'stands taller' - certainly posture and gait show immediate improvement. Horses are reported to be much more symmetrical and smooth in their action and work, with their range of movement and flexibility increased.

Chiropractic treatment of horses forms a significant proportion of our weekly workload.

Even the independent NHS watchdog, NICE (N.I.C.E. - National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence), has recognised the potential benefit from acupuncture and manipulation in the relief of human back pain (as of May 2009).

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